A cause for celebration

By April 30, 2019News

The U’mista Cultural Centre in Alert Bay, BC asked us for help with an amazing project.

After many years away, a fantastic Chilkat blanket was brought back to the community. What a cause for celebration! The blanket was quite precious and they needed a large case to house it and a custom-made plinth to support and display it. The museum also wanted to exhibit an extraordinary, heavily beaded, Nowell blanket previously in storage at their facility and this piece required a large case and a custom plinth as well. In addition to these two large cases, they also required smaller cases to display smaller treasured artifacts. The new displays will allow visitors and residents alike to appreciate the Centre’s impressive collection in new ways.

Large C4 case displays Nowell blanket (left). C3 case, with optional sliding glass doors and shelving, displays beautiful woven items (right).

The artifacts are simply exceptional and we were honoured to assist. We worked with museum staff to help determine the best cases to display their chosen artifacts and made suggestions for gallery layouts. We collaborated with the Centre’s conservator and our fabricators to design specialized plinths to safely display their delicate blankets. The results are simply stunning.

Images and books displayed in a C3 case with optional sliding glass doors.

If you are in Alert Bay, be sure to make the time to visit this gem of a museum. https://www.umista.ca/