Landfill is for losers

By March 21, 2018News

A common lament

We attended the BCMA Conference in Victoria, British Columbia last year; not as exhibitors but as workshop participants. We wanted to hear, first hand, what people were saying about the challenges they face in their museums and cultural centres. A curator of a small museum summed it up well in her lament about the waste (of time, money and resources) they had each time they wanted to refresh their galleries. Essentially, every year or two it’s “out with the old, in with the new”­­­­– and that just isn’t working for her museum anymore. They were actively looking for better ways of doing things. This change in thinking is music to our ears, not just because we sell modular, reusable exhibit walls and cases but because we care about the environment and this lovely blue planet we all call home.

“Landfill is for losers”

People are starting to get the message about reducing their use of consumables and recycling their paper, plastic and tin cans etc., but it is taking longer for this message to filter down to museums and other institutions in practical ways. Museums are particularly well positioned to get this message of reduce, reuse and recycle out to the public, and by ditching the dump, you send a strong message to your public to look for ways to do the same in their own lives. Every little thing helps.

If you are ready to look for ways to ditch the dump, give us a call.

Be an eco-hero, dump the dump (and resuse).

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