Informed by our Experience, Inspired by Your Needs.

The Logic Exhibit System was invented by David Jensen, an award-winning exhibit designer with four decades of experience creating displays for museums and other cultural centers. Jensen and his colleagues developed and patented a unique modular system of cases and walls that allow exhibitors to rearrange and reconfigure components in a number of different ways.
They named it the Logic Exhibit System.

Our Mission

Logic Exhibit System’s mission is to support museums and other educational facilities in their commitment to engage and inform the community. Designed to offer maximum flexibility, the Logic Exhibit System not only makes it easier and more affordable to highlight temporary collections, expand permanent ones, and accommodate traveling exhibits, it also enables facilities to meet local sustainability requirements.

Our Vision

Digital communications has accelerated access to information as never before. Still, the experience of seeing historic artifacts, three-dimensional explanations of scientific phenomena and fine art in person remains key to fully understanding our world. However, to stay relevant to the interests of the community, museums must be able to engage their communities, change, expand and enhance their exhibits frequently to tell many different stories over time, often on tighter and tighter budgets. Moreover, communities are becoming more insistent that businesses and public institutions support a sustainable economy. With the Logic Exhibit System, designers and curators can deal with all of these issues now and in the future. This is our vision, our commitment and our promise to our clients and the communities they serve.

Our Approach

Logic Exhibit System was developed to meet the real life needs of museums striving to offer new and creative exhibits despite tight schedules, limited space, small crews and lean budgets.  In his practice as an exhibit designer, Logic’s inventor, David Jensen, saw first-hand the challenges faced by museums and cultural centers to create new and interesting exhibits in a cost effective way. Logic was designed to meet those needs by offering a simple, adaptable, flexible modular system that staff can assemble and reconfigured in a variety of ways, year after year, to make each new exhibit look different and fresh.

The Logic Exhibit System. Because we understand what museums do and want to help them do it better.

David Jensen

Principal/Senior Exhibit Specialist/Creative Director

David has spent the last four decades creating award-winning exhibit designs for museums, galleries and other educational display centers. His expertise in design, facilitation and management were not only the foundation of his work as principal and creative director of D. Jensen & Associates Ltd., they were the inspiration for the invention of the Logic Exhibit System.

Realizing that museums and other educational institutions are constantly being challenged to develop and fund new exhibits, David came up with a modular solution that was flexible, easy to assemble, durable, affordable and reusable.

David is a life-long exhibit designer and contributor to the Canadian museum community. He currently serves on the Board of the Roundhouse Community Arts and Recreation Center, the Selection Committee for the Awards of Merit for the British Columbia Museum Association (BCMA) and is co-chair of the Coalition of Museums for Climate Justice.  He is also the recipient of many awards from professional associations including an Award of Distinguished Service from the Canadian Museums Association, as well as a Distinguished Service Award and a Golden Anniversary Service Award from the BCMA.