Logic Exhibit System is always ready to help you.

The Logic Exhibit System is designed to allow you to plan and assemble many different configurations over many, many years. Here’s a brief overview of our shipping and delivery system.

Shipping/Storage Packaging

Depending on your location, your Logic Exhibit System may be shipped to you in crates. Two types of crates are available based on your needs. The first type is only intended to ensure your purchase arrives safely and is not intended to be reusable. The second type of crate is designed to be reused and is highly recommended if you plan to reship your components to other locations or to store them onsite when they’re not in use. A Logic System representative would be happy to talk with you about your crate requirements. Quotes can be provided to you prior to placing an order.

Shipping Costs

The cost of crating and shipping depends on how much you order, your location and what sort of crate you’d like. We are happy to provide you a written estimate based on your order.

Instructions on Installation

Full instructions on installation will be provided with your order.

Additional Assistance

If you’d prefer, arrangements can be made for our team to install your Logic System for you.  An estimate can be provided based on the number of components you plan to order and your location. On-site training is also available with your installation. You can reach us by going to our Contact Us page or call us at (604) 684-3454.