Road Trip!

By August 18, 2017News


A follow up with the Coos History Museum

Coos History Museum in Oregon was the first stop on our summer road trip ( We wanted to touch base and see how they are making out with their Logic Exhibit System. It was great to meet some new staff members and show them how to get the most out of their components. We got some amazing photos we wanted to share with you.

Community Engagement is key

The Coos History Museum has really embraced principals found in the wonderful book “The Participatory Museum” by Nina Simon ( ­– it certainly was an inspiration to us when we were helping develop the concept for this facility (through our sister company D. Jensen & Associates).

Change is good

We, at Logic Exhibit System, are big on flexibility. When things are flexible, change is encouraged. An exhibit that is ever-changing increases the numbers of people and types of people your museum can reach, which is so important these days. In addition to the Coos History Museum’s flexible exhibit system, the museum uses a temporary graphic system that allows them to work with their community to develop stories and produce their own graphics in house. This strategy is good for stretching budgets, but also allows staff to respond quickly to events in their community. There is even a bulletin board so visitors can give staff ideas for upcoming exhibits and programming they would like to participate in (and on). What a great way to increase relevance!

Expect the unexpected

The Museum has some spectacular artifacts and features like a fishing boat that looks like it has crashed through the museum’s wall – what a great conversation starter! When you combine all that with beautiful artwork, sculptures and interesting local stories told using their Logic Exhibit System cases and walls, you get a great way to spend some time in Coos Bay.

Looking forward to our next road trip… stay tuned!

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